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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bellis Belle Livingstone Daisy flowers in Bloom Photographs

  Large double flowers that will complement Pansies perfectly
​This Bellis (Daisy) has large double rosette flowers in red and pink shades and will flower in the Autumn and again in the Spring. They complement pansies perfectly.

ColourRed, Rose Shades and White
Height10 - 15cm
SpreadApproximately 15cm
FloweringAutumn and again in the Spring
Planting Position
​Full Sun to Partial Shade

Asteraceae or Compositae, known as the aster or sunflower family, including:
Bellis, especially Bellis perennis (common daisy)
Brachyscome, including Brachyscome iberidifolia (Swan River daisy)
Leucanthemum vulgare (ox-eye daisy)
Leucanthemum × superbum (Shasta daisy)
Argyranthemum (marguerite daisy)
Osteospermum (African or Cape daisy)
Rhodanthemum (Moroccan daisy)
Glebionis coronaria (crown daisy)
Glebionis carinatum (tricolor daisy)
Erigeron glaucus (seaside daisy)
Tetraneuris acaulis (Angelita daisy)
Melampodium leucanthum (Blackfoot daisy)
Coreopsis bigelovii (desert daisy)
Wedelia texana (Devil's River daisy)
Family Aizoaceae: Dorotheanthus bellidiformis (Livingstone daisy)
Family Dipsacaceae: Scabiosa prolifera (Carmel daisy)
Family Plantaginaceae: Globularia (globe daisy)Daisy bush, various species in the family Asteraceae

I grow and sell Plug Plants and here are just a few photos of last Few years Grow's ,


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