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Friday, 28 April 2017

Garden Wildlife - Insects - Photography

Here are just a few photographs i have taken over the years of  just a few of the different insect species i have in my garden.

This is a huge dragon fly that was sat on the top branch of my plum tree - if you take a close look you can see that there is the head of a wasp which it was having a good much of when i first noticed it.

A Damsel Fly this was taken when i used to have a pond and we used to have lots of different kinds of dragon flys with bright amazing colours - sadly we dont have a pond anymore

Lots of caterpillars on nettle plant having a good munch 
We get witness this every year its great to see its on the boarder of our garden we have a large field at the rear of our garden which always has hundreds of nettles growing every year there is a mass of caterpillars on the nettles 

I believe its a Honey Bee on one of my Ox Eye Daises 

Another Huge Dragon Fly it must have been 7" Long it was massive

We took some of the caterpillars off the nettles at the rear of the garden , potted up a nettle plant and kept them in a net cage so my son could see the life process of a butterfly 

He Loved it as you can see in his hand ready to let the butter fly go after hatching, Its a great thing to do with your kids and i recommend every child should experience nature in this way . 

One of the caterpillars we hatched

Bee On a Comfrey Plant 

Butterfly on our sunflowers

There will be nothing left of the above leaf when those eggs hatch 

Bee On a Heather Plant 

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